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Clinical Trials

Clinical trials evaluate the safety and efficacy of a drug. Regulatory authorities use data generated from these trials to access whether a drug can be approved and sold to the public.

  • Phase I: Studies conducted with a small number of healthy volunteers to determine if a drug is safe.
  • Phase I/II: Studies  also measuring safety and initial efficacy, patients with the targeted disease are included.
  • Phase II: Studies enroll a larger number of patients who have the targeted disease, which measures the drug’s efficacy and safety.
  • Phase III: Global, large studies used to confirm efficacy seen in earlier stage trials.
  • Phase IV: Studies performed after the drug has been approved by regulatory authorities.

Information about Newron’s clinical trials is posted in clinical trial databases in accordance with industry guidelines. To learn about Newron’s ongoing clinical trials visit ClinicalTrials.gov.

It is best to contact your physician regarding participation in any clinical trial. Your physician will be able to determine what clinical trials are running, where they are located, if you would be eligible to participate in the trial and whether participating in the trial would be right for you.